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...Because needlework is love made visible.
Sock knitting is addictive - especially when there are such wonderful yarns available for knitting them.  Socks make a great travel project, and for the intermediate knitter, large parts of a sock are a meditative project where your hands stay busy but your eyes can enjoy the scenery, a conversation or your own thoughts. 
In the shop you'll find a range of sock yarns and patterns available - from fingering weight to bulky (for slippers or Christmas stockings) and the best of the worsteds in between!
Sock-Knitting Tips

Althought  size 3 knitting needles are recomended for most fingering-weight sock yarns, we suggest a size 1 to size 2.5 for better results - unless you're an extreemly tight knitter!  

And while two skeins of yarn are recomended for a pair of socks, especially when self-stripping sock yarns are used, it's unlikely you'll use all of both skeins.  Use the extra to knit pretty and unusual baby sock or mittens for an especially welcome and easily laundered baby gift.