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...Because needlework is love made visible.
I publish Tatting Times, a quarterly journal of tatting patterns, book reviews, product information and other tatting news, now in its 23rd year of continuous publication, as well as collections of original patterns.  
TATTING TIMES / Continuing threads
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Tatting Times is a quarterly publication
(issues printed and mailed February, May, August and November).
The subscription rate for the year 2009 remains $18/ in the USA  / $20/ Canada, $20 overseas
(in US currency only).

Reach me at threads@empacc.net for more information or to order
BOOKLETS – newest listed first – most are 28 pages, 5 1/2 by 8 1/2

Postage is $1 for the first book ordered, $.50 for each additional booklet in the US, $3 everywhere else.  Sorry, but I can no longer ship books without prepaid postage.


A TWINKLE, TWINKLE – just released! -Fourteen tatted stars for your own constellation of holiday ornaments, stars to wish on or feel lucky with, ranging from beginning to advanced patterns. Color cover, photos, diagrams………(late 2013) $10

M  DOILY DELIGHTS –A riot of small doilies to tat for fun and decoration color cover, photos, diagrams………(2013) $10


M  BUTTON ABECEDARIUS easy tatting creates a button-accented alphabet, explained, imaged and diagrammed  (2012)……$10


M  A BOUQUET OF BOOKMARKS Tatting becomes indoor gardening in a set of challenging bookmark patterns including a rose, carnation, pansy, forget-me-knots, thistle, daisy, zinnia – and a wild gardening woman in a long flowered dress (2012)   - $10


M  WANDERING WHEELS -  Catherine Wheels are not just for the center of a round piece anymore – you can place them wherever you like and use more than one in a design without cutting and tying.  Practice this easy technique with 11 new patterns.  Color cover $10 (2011)


M  BAUBLES, BANGLES AND BEADSTatting with  colorful additives creates jewelry, mini-ornaments,  suncatchers and several workshop patterns not previously published; $8


M  TATTING BY THE BOOK   Mark your page – or a special occasion – with fun-to-tat bookmarks to make any book more interesting and worth returning to!  (2009) $8

M  BASKETATSContain your enthusiasm with baskets, some decorative, some useful, some to take your tatting in a new direction with materials and techniques that haven’t been often used to create tatting that stands up by itself!  $8.


M  HERE BE DRAGONSLots of beads and thread manipulation creates four winged  dragons from the newborn hatchling to the mature white dragon - almost frighteningly easy!  Choose your dragon by the size of the project or the sort of chocolate you need to protect.  $8


M  FLUTTER HOMEThings with wings take flight in a collection of mostly butterfly patterns; also includes an easy dragonfly, two ladybugs and a hum of bees.  2007/2008  $8


M  TATTING ELEGANT EDGINGS –Straight lines, neat corners and two dozen lovely edgings, from simple to unusual, make handkerchiefs and other linens sing.  (2007)  $8


M  SHUTTLEWORTH COTTAGE - Tat a Victorian townhouse sampler with advanced techniques you’ll learn as you tat, including some invented for this project.  The finished piece resembles embroidery and is completed with landscaping, lace curtains, a cat in the window and more.  Included is a lively Victorian spoof starring Amnesia Shuttle and longsuffering Major Mutch.  Will they manage to, um, tie the knot?   Includes color picture    (2006 ) $15


M  TATTING TURNS OVER A NEW LEAFTatted leaves are a favorite motif – when you can find them!  Here’s a pile to jump on – silver maple to oak, gingko, sassafras, dandelion hop hornbeam and more.  The patterns range from easy to complex.  ( 2005) $8


M  HEARTS BELONG TO TATTING -  These are what tatters tat for each other - plain and fancy patterns for heart appliqués including the button/beaded Celtic Heart (2004) $8


M  TATTING FOR THE TREE -  A companion to “Let It Snow,” this second collection of snowflake and ornament patterns, uses beads for sparkle on garlands and snowflakes and stars,  adds production notes and includes a trumpeting angel.   (2003) $8


M  TATTING TIMES TWO Begin with a take-along tatting bag (sewing pattern included).  Then tat patterns to practice techniques and make your tatting tools beautiful... or use the same pattern for a different purpose – each has at least two uses.  (2003) $8


M  SWEET KNOTTINGS - A baker’s dozen of dainty and robust doilies, a lady’s housekeeping necessity to separate plates and set off polished furniture.  (2002) $8  


M  TATTING WITH BUTTONS TWO -   Features simple tatting for more of your button stash.  Includes bookmarks, jewelry, button chatelaine. (2001) $8


M   CIRCLE OF CHILDREN - Teach yourself Cluny, split ring, bridge stitch, floating chains and more while creating an original doily suitable for framing.  Laminated color cover, $15. (2000)


M  TREE OF LIFE – Botanical forms offer a rich harvest of tatting techniques, perfected as you tat  a lively gnarled tree, a rosebush in four seasons, a bunch of grapes, more.  Laminated color cover, $15 (2000)


M  TATTING WITH BUTTONS – Because buttons are really beads with four holes, the design possibilities multiply with simple tatting patterns to showcase your favorite buttons.  Includes ornaments, doilies, button bag,  (1999) $8


M  MAKE MANY MERRILY - MOTIFS AND MULTIPLES – Tat many or just one – the patterns include things you might want to share as well as things to keep, with patterns  interesting  enough to merit making more than one.  Includes a swan, hummingbird, hearts, butterflies and square motifs to grow into larger projects. (1998) $8


M  TAT MARKS THE SPOTMark where you stopped reading in 21 great books with these original bookmark patterns, some designed to be threaded with ribbons.  (1997) $8


M  LET IT SNOW - About two dozen original snowflakes/ ornaments, some from the earliest years of Tatting Times).  These are easy but inventive. (1996) $8


M  SHEEP MAY SAFELY GRAZE - Tat a sheep, a rose or one of two unusual pictorial doilies with roses in the center of a meadow, surrounded by grass and bordered with sheep.  Included with the doilies are seven  simple edgings.  Color photo.  (1995) $8 (Limited number left;  this will not be reprinted when sold out.)


M  TATTING TIMES EDGINGS -More than 20 edging patterns, many original, with illustrations, history and suggestions for use.  (1994) $8


Color projects – large format single patterns


M  BEADED DRAGONFLY PIN – Workshop project with all instructions for creating a unique piece of tatted jewelry plus full-size color image [2005] $4


M  FLOWER GARDEN DOILY -  Detailed instructions for creating a colorful tatted doily, plus full-color full-page image (2003) $4